Photography and the Arts: Creative Assignment #4 Barbara Kruger

If you’ve never seen Barbara’s work, definitely hit up that google search and you’ll understand this assignment a lot more. Our prof asked us to use a photo we’ve already taken or take a photo and edit it to look like Barbara’s work (which I find ironic, but of this piece of her work). Our art was supposed to resemble the style of her piece, Your Body is a Battleground, the way it’s half inverted with the red lines on each side and utilizes a square crop. I also made the effort to figure out the correct font and download it, which is Futura Bold Italic BT if you’re curious. Then I finished it off by doing the solid red behind the text like she does. My friend suggested fixing up the thumb so the thumb tip matches the rest of the hand, I agreed. This photo was from my Hands assignment for practical (I posted it in my Tumblr last week if I remember correctly). I’m pretty pleased with the overall effect.

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